W/C 27th May 2019

Monday 27th May

Well despite it being a bank holiday in England today Jay is working. He does one a year to help them out. It kept our Monday routine the same as usual, the only difference was that he didn’t come home for lunch today.

The weather is cooler and a bit blustery so Dembe didn’t want to go in his paddling pool. He isn’t a stupid dog and only goes in it when the weather is warm. He was full of beans today so I have kept him entertained playing ball and tug with him.

As he point blank refuses early morning walks when Jay is on an early shift, he was very bouncy . I had to keep distracting him from going after bumble bee’s. He finds them absolutely fascinating. I have a feeling that it wont be a case of if he gets stung but rather when he gets stung as he likes snapping at the bee’s as they take off from my chive flowers. Curiosity is going to get the better of him so some Piriton has been bought in case of allergic reaction.

He finally collapsed and went to sleep at around 2pm after being on the go since 7am bar 20 minutes sleep. Dembe has never slept the amount all the puppy books said he would. Although on the whole he is a very well behaved pup, he is boisterous at times and then it can be difficult to get his focus back on you.

Jay got back at 4pm so Dembe was taken straight out for a lovely long walk and he settled down very quickly after that,

Tuesday 28th May

The award for worst dog mum of the year goes to me, I feel awful about it. Dembe started fussing at 4.30am so I got Jay to let him out and told him quite sternly not to give him his breakfast and to bring him back up to bed. At 5.30am Dembe woke up again and wouldn’t go back to sleep so I got up. I let Jay sleep as he had been up just an hour ago. I wasn’t feeling great so I got a cup of tea and settled down to watch some Tv I’d recorded from the night before. Dembe curled up on the sofa beside me and went to sleep.

Jay got up at 7am and when he was getting his coffee shouted in to me had Dembe enjoyed his breakfast. At that point I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I had forgotten that Dembe wants his grub at 5.30am. Had I fed him we could have gone back to bed. I had just clean forgotten to do it. For the first time in 5 months I had messed up royally. Obviously with missing one breakfast Dembe was hardly going to starve to death and in my defence Jay does breakfast and I used to do all the other meals. Also the Weims used to have all their food out all the time and they would self regulate. So having to feed a dog regularly is not “normal” after 15 years of having Weimaraners. If I left Dembe’s food for the day in a bowl he would eat in one sitting and then be moaning he was hungry again in 30 minutes time.

We got Dembe up the common at just after 8am as with it being half term we wanted to avoid the peak times. He had a nice walk with Jay but didn’t bump into any other dogs.

He spent the rest of the day in the garden playing with his toys.

Crocodile is his favourite toy, its the only one of his soft toys that has stayed outside

Exploring the garden he managed to get himself wedged between the table and the potted palm. It took him a little while to work out how to get out of the tight squeeze!

I love this photo just for the funny face he is pulling

Wednesday 29th May

Well I managed to lose my Diary for a few days forgetting that I had put it in my large handbag to fill out whilst waiting for the boys when they were out on their walks. Due to my memory being absolutely awful along with my concept of time I have to write Dembe’s diary entries in a proper old fashioned diary everyday or I have no clue what has gone on that day. Sometimes there are clues in the photos I have taken but this week for today I am drawing a blank.

I know we took him up the common at around 7am as Jay is working 9-6 today so he will get two walks. I know that Dembe was a pretty sleepy boy today and very cuddly. But that’s it!

He has a favourite seat in the garden which he will just wander over to if the back door is open. He will just fall asleep out there.

However the little Tike also uses it to sit and destroy mum’s plants !

Thursday 30th May

All very exciting in the Morris household today as our new vacuum cleaner is arriving today. I had noticed our old one really wasn’t picking stuff up anymore and with Dembe now really beginning to moult great big balls of blonde fluff were rolling out from under furniture. It was time for something new. I decided to get a Shark Liftaway with the Pet Brush and upgraded to get a car detailing kit. Money well spent as on the first go around on the downstairs floor and the thing was half filled! The house is cleaned everyday so there was no reason why there was so much dirt in there. We are very pleased with it. Dembe still needs to be convinced.

My parents were at their caravan this evening so we popped over after Dembe’s evening walk. Maggie my parents Jack Russell Terrier was very pleased to see Dembe and came running over to our car and waited at Dembe’s car door for him to come out. They then played like mad. Dembe loves running after a ball and being chased by Maggie. They have such a lovely time together. But by the time we left which was about 30 minutes later Dembe was absolutely shattered, falling asleep in the car on the way home.

When we got in Dembe had his dinner and then settled into his basket and went straight back to sleep.

And yes that it a chewed toilet roll tube on my stairs. Dembe likes them!

Friday 31st May

I woke up at 3am with a migraine. By 5.30am it was unbearable, I rang Jay and got him to give Dembe his breakfast and to let him out for the toilet. Whilst Dembe was out the way I loaded up on painkillers and anti-emetics, I wanted to do this with Dembe out of the way in case I dropped anything. My reaction time would be a lot slower and I take a lot of powerful medications that would do him serious harm if he ingested them.

As soon as Dembe came back up to bed with me he settled with his head nuzzled in between my face and shoulder and he wouldn’t move. Even when Jay got up he refused to leave my side as he sensed I was very unwell. Jay had to really coax him to get him to go downstairs for his walk just before 9am. As soon as they came back Dembe ran straight upstairs and showered me with kisses.

At 9.30am I had to get up as my back wouldn’t take me lying down anymore. My head still hurt but at least the nausea had started to subside. Dembe was my little shadow all day long.

On Thursday I had ordered Dembe a cooling mat as it keeps being predicted we are in for another very hot summer and I also bought him a lick mat as something to do and a bit of a treat. Jay had bought him some Chicken liver pate to spread on the lick mat. So when it arrived I rinsed it off dried it and then let Dembe try it out.

He went crazy for it! He also really liked the cool mate when he had a nap later in the day.

Despite feeling very ropey I managed to get some embroidery done. Whilst I was sitting in the kitchen Dembe was playing outside. I looked out of the window and found him sat on the bench by the door.

This was the first time he had climbed up on the bench. He really liked it there as it was in the shade and very comfortable.

Saturday 1st June

Dembe was full of beans from the word go he knows that I am feeling better so he is back to his boisterous puppy behaviour. He wanted me outside playing with his football with him at 8am. So I resorted to getting a frozen bone from the freezer and giving it to him to keep him occupied. Otherwise he would have been outside barking which wouldn’t have impressed the neighbours.

Today he had his very first raw egg, the last time I tried to give him a raw egg he barked at it. However this time it was served on his lick mat and this was deemed acceptable.

As it was a really lovely day Dembe spent a lot of it out in the garden playing.

Dembe’s favourite toy is his crocodile although since he has had his paddling pool his favourite thing to do is to chuck Croc in there. He then barks at Croc demanding that I take him out again for him. This is pointless as Croc will be thrown back in again by Dembe once he has been retrieved.

Dembe also got back up on the bench again today. There is no garden furniture that is safe from him. I sent this photo to Jay whilst he was at work , in the evening we were sitting outside at the table when Jay asked me ” have you seen him get on the bench/” and just as I said yes Dembe jumped on the bench in front of Jay. Jay was left open mouthed at this. I don’t know how he thinks he was getting up there as he is now way too heavy for me to lift and with the heat I am suffering from a lot of limb weakness. So there is no way that I am putting him up there!

We went to my parents van again in the evening, Dembe and Maggie had fun again chasing after tennis balls and playing chase. He was thoroughly shattered again by the time we got home.

Sunday 2nd June

Dembe was up at the crack of dawn this morning 6am and just wouldn’t go back to sleep after having his breakfast. So we came downstairs and let Jay sleep on. We didn’t get out with him until gone 9.30am. He had a really nice walk on the common, it was ridiculously busy and so many dogs for Dembe to meet and play with. By the time they got back to the car Dembe’s tongue was hanging out to the side.

A short while after we got home we were treated to the Red Arrows display team flying over the house. This would have prompted a significant fear response in the Weimaraners that would have lasted for at least an hour until they calmed down. Thankfully Dembe wasn’t bothered at all and carried on chewing his bone on his favourite seat.

I am hoping that this bodes well for any thunder storms we may have or fireworks later in the year. I really don’t want him to be stressed out by loud noises like the Weimaraners were, by the time they were around 10 years old even the wind would scare them or heavy rain on the windows. Dembe seems to be immune thus far and we don’t react at all to loud noises so that he knows that there is nothing to fear.

As I haven’t been in the best of health this week we are having a lazy Sunday.


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