w/c 30th September 2019

Monday 30th September

We had an extremely quiet day on Monday as I badly scalded myself with steam form the kettle. The day was spent on the sofa with my hand in a bowl of cold water. Dembe was obsessed with the bowl of water and spent the day drinking from it at every opportunity despite having his own water freely available. Obviously my hand in it makes it taste better!

I had to finish the blog post early last week as I knew I would be in no fit state to finish it on Sunday afternoon when I got back from the create and craft show. It was a shame as there was a cracker of an incident on Saturday afternoon so I shall share it here.

A long one so stick with it

I’ve always felt rather smug when I have seen fellow Labrador owners refer to their dogs as Twatadors. I always felt safe in the knowledge that Dembe was super smart and not a indeed a twat.

Today at just over 10 months old he has indeed earned the title of Twatador.
Minding my own business in the lounge watching TV when I am suddenly aware of a blonde dog attempting to run into the lounge through the baby gate closely followed by a dining table chair.

Twatador formerly known as Dembe has somehow managed to get his leg caught in the cotton shopper bag that is left on the back of the chair (for me to carry stuff upstairs so I have both hands free to fall or use the banisters!) That has been there since before he even came home with us.

The sheer look of panic on his face when he thinks this is the chair is chasing him was hilarious. He managed to wedge the chair in the baby gate and run into the lounge with one foot inside the bag.

I free him from the bag. Check him over. He is fine not even the sense to be embarrassed. The stomach on legs then leaps over the chair and sits in front of the fridge begging for a sausage.


Tuesday 1st October 2019

How the hell did that happen?? How is it October?? That means Dembe will be one year old in November. It can’t be true he is still my baby.

Jay took Dembe out early, it was raining but thankfully they managed to avoid the really heavy showers.

We had a quiet day again as I am still recovering from Sunday and from scalding myself although my hand is a lot less painful today.

We took Dembe to the model airfield for his afternoon walk. He slipped over on the damp grass and managed to get the whole side of his face covered in mud. It is the first time he has got himself dirty like that so it was amusing. He hasn’t rolled, doesn’t seem to have a penchant for rolling in fox shit or eating shit. Unlike the Weimaraners so it always seems funny when he gets dirty as he is such a clean dog.

We had dog training this evening, Dembe was so excited in the car on the way there he was squeaking and crying. He really does love going to the lessons. He was going crazy this evening sniffing the floor . Apparently there had been a dog food delivery and a scent training class on before we got there. So he was lapping it up. He was also enjoying killing and eating crane flies. He and Jay worked really well together this evening. I managed to take two small videos of them working together.

working on heel work
Heel work

Dembe was shattered after class and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Once home he gave us 20 minutes and then took himself to bed as he was fed up waiting for me to get myself organised.

Wednesday 2nd October

Jay was on a 10-7 so he took Dembe out as soon as it was light enough. The mornings and evenings are getting much darker now and there is a chill in the air. Dembe was over excited when he came home and was throwing his ball around the lounge . Eventually after 40 minutes he crashed and went to sleep.

Sometimes I take a photo of Dembe and it really shocks me how grown up he looks. To me he still looks and behaves like a little puppy but I can’t deny he is looking more and more like an adult dog. Even though he still seems tiny to us.

He is eating better this week as long as we stay with him in the kitchen and act as his personal cheerleaders. I wish I knew what all the faffing about with eating was about as he snaffles junk food and treat with zero issues.

He has started taking himself up to bed on a regular basis this week, He took himself up at about 12.30pm today whilst I was doing some prep work for some Christmas projects. He was so cute all curled up asleep on Jays bed. I went in and gave him a cuddle. He ran downstairs and got his baby bear and brought it up to give me. He makes my heart melt, silly sausage.

His videos of his training have gone down very well with my friends on social media and no one can believe how well trained he is at such a young age. But then a lot of people knew the Weims were a nightmare and had very little training. They were not as willing to please compared to a Labrador.

He is shattered today after last night’s training as he didn’t get much of an opportunity to lie on the floor like he normally does.

His carrot toy is still a huge hit.

Thursday 3rd October

Jay is on a late night tonight so he has us both home with him until 11am. He really does love having the whole pack together. Jay got him out for a long walk as soon as it was light enough.

The weather was pretty grim this evening but he had plenty of energy to burn and wanted me to play ball with him out in the garden for an hour .

For the first time in ages Dembe decided to stay downstairs and wait for his dad to come home from work. Which meant I kept having to check on him because I panic when he isn’t near me and imagine all sorts of stupid things. I know this is from the Weimaraners passing away at the start of the year. I just wish I could stop myself worrying about him constantly.

As soon as Jay gets home, Dembe will come up to bed. It is like he must protect me and keep guard downstairs some nights.

Friday 4th October

Dembe ever since he was tiny has been obsessed with lying over my lap. At least three times a day he will crawl onto my lap and demand attention like a little lap dog. I love him lying on my lap as he is always so warm. Sometimes he will just lie there and have a cuddle. Other times he will fall asleep and I will be forced to sit down and have a rest. He is very good at making me pace myself. We still have a play on my bed every time I go upstairs. I lie down on the bed and he will grab a toy and stand over my lap, then lie on my lap for cuddle. He then throws whatever toy he has got in his mouth on the floor and I have to pick it up for him. He would stay there for hours playing this game if he could. Again it is a very clever way for me to pace myself!

This was him again on my lap in the lounge this afternoon I have no clue why he likes my lap so much but I shall never complain. Even if I do get covered in dog hair.

Carrot is still a huge hit. He had to have emergency surgery this evening as there were a couple of holes where the carrot top comes through. Luckily I managed to fix it. He charges around the house with carrot in his mouth. It is enormous, almost as big as him and he loves bringing it into the bathroom whilst I am having a wee!

Saturday 5th October

Dembe wanted it to be a cuddle day today and I am guessing he knew that my back was horribly sore and wanted me to take it easy. Unfortunately I have lots of Christmas presents to make so dont have the luxury of being able to sit around and do nothing, so whilst my back allowed I cracked on.

He patiently waited in the kitchen for me to finish on my embroidery machine. He did everything he could to make me feel guilty for not spending 100% of my time with him. Lying out in the garden looking into the kitchen. He tugs at my heart strings. I wonder how he would cope if I went out to work everyday and he was left by himself. He reminds me a lot of Travis as he also used to take himself up off to bed.

As soon as I finished and sat down he was on my lap. He really does like lying across it. Even though he weighs around the same as Willow did ( well he did at his last weigh in but I think he has lost weight) he doesn’t feel as heavy as she did. My legs never go dead with him lying on me!

After a long lap cuddle he got himself comfortable as I typed up his diary from this week. He is snoring his little head off. Jay is on a shitty shift, a 10-7. I hate these as you get no morning and no evening. Even though its an hour or two later than his normal shift those 60-120 minutes can seem like a bloody lifetime as you wait for the clock to strike 7pm. The only good thing is that Dembe gets his dinner and it’s all settled before he goes out for his evening walk.

Sunday 6th October

Dembe was a crazed beast this morning. He was chucking his toys around the lounge at 6.30am demanding his walk and when he came home he was still mental. Attempting to do zoomies in the lounge and generally being an idiot. He eventually crashed at around 10.30 but at 11am my parents popped over for a visit with their dog Maggie.

Dembe normally plays chase with Maggie so can’t understand why when he is in the house he can’t play this game. He was a bit of a pain in the arse barking and getting over excited but eventually he calmed down.

As soon as they left he went to sleep on the sofa. Absolutely exhausted after a morning that can only be described as if he had taken some speed!

The rest of the day will be quiet.


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