Why Dembe?

If you have never watched the TV show The Blacklist then the name Dembe is probably sounding quite bizarre to you.

After losing three dogs ( all Weimaraners ) in the space of 55 weeks and two of those in the space of 7 days the fact that Dembe was a great Character in a TV show was just compounded by the fact it would be a fantastic name due to it meaning Peace. Something hubby and I could do with by the bucket load after the last few years we have been through.

My husband lost a close friend in January 2017 in a car accident, we had known Andrew for over 20 years. Later that year we found out that both my grandmother and my close friend Pam had lung Cancer. In December 2017 we lost Willow our 11 year old Weimaraner, on January 6th I lost my Gran and on 26th January I lost my friend Pam. We thought after 2018 things couldn’t get any worse but 2018 was determined to go out with a bang, losing Frankie on 29th December 2018. And then Mollie on the 5th January 2019.

Dembe doesn’t replace the dogs we have lost he is an addition to our family. You can never replace a dog it doesn’t work that way. They are all unique individuals.