We have moved!

Sadly I have run out of storage on WordPress for all of Dembe’s video’s and photographs. I simply can’t afford to pay the amount WordPress demands for a blog that has as many photos etc so with great sadness I have had to move the blog over to Blogger https://thedembediaries.blogspot.com/

You can read this week’s entry in Dembe’s Diary at https://thedembediaries.blogspot.com/

Until the subscription for this blog comes around again in January 2022 I will be posting here every week to remind you that the blog address has changed.

Until the subscription expires in January 2022 the archives of the blog will be here. I am currently in the process of moving everything over to blogger.

Many thanks for staying with us and sharing our joy that Dembe brings so many people.

Best wishes

Rachel & Dembe


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