W/C 9th November 2020

Monday 9th November

I came downstairs this morning to find Dembe fast asleep, stretched out on the large sofa without a care in the world. He didn’t wake up until I gave him a kiss and a cuddle bless him. Jay was on an early shift and he really isn’t an early morning dog. He stayed downstairs when Jay left and made himself comfortable.

We had a very slow start to the day, which was punctuated with lots of cuddles.

I did a little bit at the embroidery machine today, whilst I was there Dembe decided to go out into the garden and sit in the rain.

He was also the crochet inspector today for me

Tuesday 10th November

As is usual Jay was day off today so Dembe spent the majority of the day draped over his dad, having cuddles. He always makes such a fuss of his dad if he is home, it is like he makes up for all the other days he is working by getting as much attention as possible on Sundays and Tuesdays.

He loves playing with his duck, which my friend Carolyn bought him.

He had a nice long walk on the common in the afternoon . He just needed his legs washed off as with the wet weather he had got a bit muddy.

He is still eating really well since we have decided to be led by him as to when he wants to eat rather than sticking to set times. Some days he doesn’t want his breakfast until 10.30-11am, other days he wants it the minute you come downstairs. He has two ways of letting you know he is hungry, if you are in the kitchen he will sit in front of the fridge and not move or if you aren’t anywhere near the kitchen he will cry and let you know. Meal times are much less stressful now we are led by him.

Wednesday 11th November

Jay is on a late shift today so Dembe has had two walks this morning before Jay goes in.

Dembe is being a very cuddly boy at the moment. He was picked up by the dog walker ( Martin ) this afternoon and had a lovely long walk on the common. Martin was teaching Dembe to play hide and seek. If You have Facebook you can see a video here https://www.facebook.com/happydogs.uk/videos/728180907789278/

and the rest of his walk https://www.facebook.com/happydogs.uk/videos/2474388179537054/

Dembe was covered in mud when he got back, I joked with Martin that I had given him a yellow Lab and he had brought back a chocolate one! Dembe had a quick wash off with the hose and then I got him into his drying coat. He is so very good and doesn’t need to be held whilst he is washed off he will stand perfectly still for me. He is very intuitive and does all he can to make life easier for me.

Dembe was shattered after his walk with Martin. You can always tell when he has been learning something new as he is drained physically and mentally. He was shattered and spent most of the evening fast asleep. In fact he was so tired he didn’t even hear his dad come home, which is unheard of.

Thursday 12th November

Dembe did not want to get up this morning, he didn’t wake up until 6am which is unheard of especially when Jay was on a late night the day before. After his walk on the common with jay he came straight back up to bed with me. He was desperate to get as close to me as he could and was lying with his face resting on mine which is what he used to do when he was a tiny puppy.

He was very hungry this morning which threw me as usually when he has eaten a lot the day before he isn’t really interested in food until the evening. He polished off a huge breakfast this morning.

He was an incredibly cuddly boy again today. He is such a soppy dog anyway but I couldn’t move today without being smothered in kisses.

Hi new Christmas sign arrived today

It is official Jay and I have lost the plot LOL.

Friday 13th November

I have got all sentimental as Facebook keep showing me images from this time last year and as it is his birthday next Monday it is all photos of him when he was tiny. I can’t believe he will be two on Monday! How has that happened?

Same toy just two years apart. He still has his baby blanket which he came home with back in 2019! I can’t believe how tiny he is in the first photo, that his baby blanket is almost the same length as him.

Today I have bought all Dembe’s birthday presents, he has got a new lead, a new glow in the dark collar, two new toys for taking out on his walks. Not that he is at all spoilt!

He came into the shower with me this morning

He is following me wherever I go today!

Saturday 14th November

Dembe woke his dad up at around 5am for his walk and then came straight back to bed not waking us up until 9am which was crazy! He wanted his breakfast, if he hadn’t have been hungry I think we would have slept for a lot longer.

Jay stripped my bed today and whilst I was downstairs on my sewing machine Dembe decided to make himself comfortable!

As Jay is on a late night we have our friend Max walking him for us. The weather is diabolical, windy and torrential rain so I feel very guilty that she is having to go out in it with Dembe.

Dembe was soaked through when he got home. I didn’t send him out in a coat as the temperature is so mild. I didn’t need to wash him off so gave him a quick towel off and then straight into his drying coat which makes things much easier.

Some of Dembe’s presents arrived today, I have hidden the toys but I have let him have the glow in the dark collar as it is something that is needed now.

At least now when Jay is out walking him in the dark he will be able to see where he is.

Dembe has wanted to have lots of cuddles since he has come back from his walk, so I have been letting him lie on my lap

He is nice and settled after his long walk with Maxine so I am looking forward to a quiet evening with him.

Tomorrow Jay and I have to go for our flu jabs at the drive through clinic and I have some sewing that needs done so I wont have time to write up a Sunday post.

See you all next week.


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