Meet Dembe

Love at first sight

We met Dembe on January 7th 2019. We had two puppies to choose from. Jamie my husband had literally fallen apart in front of me when his dog Mollie had passed away just two days prior to our visit. It had been particularly horrific and I think it will haunt us for years to come.

I felt that as I had chosen our first dog Travis back in 2003, well actually he chose me, it was Jays turn to choose our new dog. The breeder handed Jay one of the pups ( now Dembe ) whilst I played with the other pup whilst sat on the floor. Every so often I would take a sneaky glance at Jay and I could see that he and Dembe had chosen each other. My opinion didn’t matter as long as Jay was happy.

I hoped that this little ball of fluff and sharp teeth would help my husband and me heal. Our hearts had been shattered in the space of two weeks. The house was empty and we were so lost. It seemed that having to wait until Friday 11th January would take forever to arrive, even though it was just days away.


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