A bit of background

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At the moment everything is too raw to go into the details of Frankie and Mollies passing. To lose two dogs in 7 days was utterly devastating. We knew that we would never get over it without having another dog in our life. We don’t have kids so its just me and Jay in the house. It just seemed so empty. In 22 years together we have had 16 with dogs in our life. We have bred dogs ( Willow and Frankie plus 16 other pups). We can’t live without them.

Finding Dembe through the Kennel Club website was fate, especially when we found out his mother was called Willow. We met him on Monday 7th January, two days after Mollie had passed away. We were in pieces and could barely bring ourselves to talk about our other dogs because we could barely contain our emotion.

On Friday 11th January Dembe came home with us. So we started the Blog The Dembe Diaries .